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Family Friendly Recipes

Sweet Potato and Apple BakeBy Ginny's TeamA sweet potato and apple bake is a wonderful side to a roast or pork. Fresh apples and sweet potatoes come into season in the fall, which makes autumn the perfect time to try out this recipe. Maple syrup adds a touch of dessert-like sweetness, while lemon zest balances it out with a bit of tang. The sweet potato and apple bake can be made on the grill or on the stovetop; we like to make it outside during the September and move it to the stove once the October chill rolls in!
Apple and Raisin SaladBy Ginny's TeamThis apple and raisin salad is the perfect salad to try this fall. Raisins and walnuts will add sweetness, and diced celery gives it the perfect crunch. In September and October, try picking your own crisp apples at an orchard for a fresh finish!
Easy Homemade ApplesauceBy Ginny's TeamNothing quite tastes like easy homemade applesauce in the fall: crisp apples, a hint of cinnamon, and the simple flavors that remind us of our childhood. This homemade applesauce is about as low-key as it can get. Just throw the ingredients in a pot, cook, and then blend. Cue simple fall deliciousness!
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