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Family Friendly Recipes

Turkey MeatballsBy Ginny's TeamWow your family with this easy homemade turkey meatballs recipe! It’s simple to throw together on a busy weeknight, but tastes like something that took hours. Even more fun? Cooking turkey meatballs in a muffin tin is an easy way to make them perfectly crispy on the outside and perfectly cooked on the inside.
Grilled Chicken KabobsBy Ginny's TeamChicken kabobs on the grill are healthy, easy and DELICIOUS. Plain grilled chicken and vegetables can become boring. Spice up dinner by adding different marinades and vegetable combinations.
Easy Sweet Deep Fry BatterBy Ginny's TeamHave you ever been eating one of your favorite meals or snacks and wondered, "I wonder what this would taste like battered and fried?" We sure have here at the Ginny's House. To feed our imagination (literally), we set up a Fry-Day. Ginny's Team members brought in their favorite snacks, we heated up the deep fryers, and we fried... everything. But deep frying isn't as fun or tasty if you don't have a good batter. Laura, our customer service liaison, whipped up a beer batter to dunk our favorite treats in.
Sweet Barbeque MeatballsBy Ginny's TeamSweet Barbeque Meatballs are a great appetizer for Superbowl parties, family gatherings, and more. Use frozen meatballs to add even more ease to this simple, three-ingredient recipe. You can also freeze the ingredients for up to three months in a gallon zip top freezer bag with the date, name of the recipe, and the cooking recipe. Just take out the bag when you're ready, throw it in the slow cooker frozen, and enjoy!
Toffee Apple DipBy Ginny's TeamThis toffee apple dip tastes like a dessert, but apple slices give it a healthy boost that lets you eat it guilt-free. After all, the best after-work snacks and appetizers combine sweet treats and healthy foods! We love the creaminess of the cream cheese with the toffee chips. Pouring pineapple juice on the apple slices gives them a fun, citrus flavor while also keeping the apples from turning brown. Thanks to Selina A. of Georgia for sharing this toffee apple dip recipe with us!
Pico De GalloBy Ginny's TeamAlso called "Salsa Fresca," Pico De Gallo is easy to make and easy to remember! Here's the trick: the Mexican flag is red, white, and green, just like this recipe made of equal parts tomato, onion, and cilantro (with a little jalapeño for heat)! We absolutely love the freshness of the tomatoes mixed with the crisp, clean taste of cilantro. The trick to delicious Pico De Gallo? You want equal parts of all the main ingredients (tomatoes, onion, and cilantro) so they can compliment each other and make the dish truly delicious. All the ingredients in this recipe can be chopped by hand, but we prefer using a food processor, especially for the onions, cilantro, and jalapeño. We also recommend using all fresh ingredients. Pico De Gallo makes any party taste like summer all year!
Pepperoni Pizza Cheese BallBy Ginny's TeamCheese balls are a go-to party appetizer, and this pepperoni pizza cheese ball is no exception! They're easy to make, and you can swap ingredients out for a personalized recipe depending on your tastes. On game day, just set the pepperoni pizza cheese ball in the middle of the table with some pretzels, crackers, veggies, or breadsticks. You can even shape it like a football and cover it in mini pepperoni to resemble a pig skin!
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